Information Advice & Guidance (IAG)

Keir Training and Recruitment Limited (Keir), is passionate about providing clear IAG to all individuals and employers who we work with.

IAG is a mandatory free of charge service to all learners.

IAG is tailored to the individual and designed to promote the benefits of learning whether skills, Functional skills or employment related, helping individuals to address and overcome any barriers to progression and support them in making realistic and well-informed choices.

Keir Training & Recruitment Ltd., aims to provide high quality training and development to a cross section of the community. To do this we promote the value of learning to improve skills, job prospects and well-being. To do this we will provide potential, current and alumni learners as well as employers with high-quality Information, Advice and Guidance which promotes the value of learning, in order to support them in their chosen programmes / careers.

Information, Advice and Guidance will be tailored to the individual needs of the learner, aimed at improving their confidence and motivation and will be available before enrolment and at all stages during programme delivery and post completion within their progression destination.

The IAG team work within Keir’s guidelines of the organisations Equality and Diversity Policy, Disability Disclosure Procedure and Data Protection / Confidentiality Policy. These policies reinforce our organisation belief that every individual should be treated with courtesy and fairness and we respect the rights and beliefs of every individual regardless of gender, marital status, age, disability, race, religion, sexual orientation or life choices.

IAG is delivered using a client centred approach and using a quality cycle which asks clients for feedback on services received which feeds into Keir Continuous Improvement quality cycle.

IAG Structure


Keir sets standards for IAG as follows:

  • Enrolment – 99% of Participants are enrolled on the correct course for the first time. This will be achieved through good IAG to both Participants directly, and their employers in advance of courses commencing.
  • Retention – At least 90% of Participants will complete their courses.
  • Success/Achievement – At minimum rate of 90% timely success rate for 2020 and beyond.
  • Learner satisfaction – At least 95% of Participants rate Keir as excellent or very good for the quality of the Information, Advice, and Guidance that they have received. This will largely be evaluated through Participant Feedback forms.
  • Availability – Ensure that marketing, promotional and information materials are comprehensive, accessible and available in a range of formats including on Keir’s website.
  • Review – Monitor the effectiveness and improve the quality of IAG via Customer feedback; staff feedback; employer feedback; funding partner feedback; analysis of Initial Learner Profiles; ILPs, career aspirations and Learner Progress Reviews; analysis of outcomes for Participants; annual review, renewal & update of information materials.

Apply For A Course

To apply for a course, fill in the form below with your details and our administrator will be in touch to go through the application process.

Outcomes of the IAG service

Through receiving IAG, Keir Participants and their employers will be able to:

  • Identify their existing skills and experience.
  • Identify Functional Skills needs, if required, through robust initial assessment.
  • Receive clear, accurate, up to date, accessible, objective and impartial information before committing to a course.
  • Access clear, accurate, up-to-date, accessible, objective and impartial IAG about progression opportunities.
  • Identify their personal barriers to entering training and employment and develop a support plan to overcome them.
  • Be confident that staff have been appropriately trained and developed to deliver IAG that meets the matrix Standard.
  • Be signposted or referred speedily for specialist or alternative help, either within or beyond the Keir team.
  • Increase their awareness of employment and career progression opportunities open to those Participants already in employment.
  • Gain clear expectations of the limitations of the services available through Keir; and signposting Participants to specialist services for continued support e.g. National Careers Service.
  • Increase their awareness of their options and be better equipped to make positive career choices, or identify potential career progression opportunities that are right for them.    

We actively encourage feed-back as to the services we provide. If you would like more information please contact: XXXXXXX.

IAG is a mandatory element of training delivery for all potential and current learners as well as their employers, at regular intervals including pre-entry, on programme, and post-programme.

Information, advice and guidance on:

  • Course information, course application and course interviews
  • Wrap around services within the community / support agencies to overcome barriers and address personal challenges
  • Progression planning
  • Career planning and decision making
  • Education and training opportunities both local and national
  • Higher Education including finance for Higher Education
  • Job search, CVs, applications etc. (current or past students only)

 Delivered by:

  • Individual appointments either face to face or via a VLE system
  • Group sessions and talks to establish peer networks
  • Workshops and drop-in sessions
  • Telephone / e-mail support
  • Attendance during Keir open events
  • Attendance at external events where appropriate

Provides access to:

IAG specialist staff and / or a variety of careers resources, books and publications


We will liaise with relevant agencies and organisations; signpost or advocate on the learner’s behalf and research information as appropriate. When referrals to other organisations are made, student consent will be sought.


All individual interviews and group sessions are evaluated by using a short questionnaire. Evaluations are discussed at staff meetings and actions taken when appropriate including Keir Continuous Improvement and SAR processes.

Learner / Employer feed-back forms are available electronically, from reception, or from Keir staff members and submitted via email. They are used to monitor and maintain quality of Keir training and IAG process.

Service Standards

  • In the event of an assessor/ tutor being unavailable for an appointment every effort will be made to replace with an alternate assessor / tutor.
  • Information requested will be sent out within 5 working days.
  • Highly skilled and qualified staff.
  • Client data is filed for statistical purposes; all client details are stored in a locked cabinet and destroyed after 3 years, in accordance with the Data Protection Act.

What we ask of learners

  • To get the most from appointments, learners should prepare by bringing any relevant information.
  • If learners are unable to attend an appointment, they are asked to let us know at least 48 hours in advance.

Student’s careers are their own responsibility, we can give advice and guidance but we will not make decisions for you.

Impartial and Unbiased

Information, advice and guidance on all options open to students. We will not promote one option over another.


Personal details will only be used to help students move forward and with consent. Interviews will be offered in a private setting.

Individual Ownership

A service centred upon individual need.

Equality of Opportunity

This will underpin all aspects of provision. Students will receive information, advice and guidance to help them realise their full potential, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, religion, disability or race.


The guidance process and what to expect will be clearly explained.


The service will strive to be accessible to all eligible users. Every endeavour will be made to accommodate learners regarding time, venue and publications.

Safeguarding - Everyone's Responsibility

Keir Training and Recruitment (Keir), takes its safeguarding responsibilities very seriously and we want to ensure that all people interfacing with our services are kept safe from all forms of harm. At induction on to any of our programmes all learners and employers will be given an induction into Safeguarding and the actions to take in case of any concerns.

How to Stay Safe Online

For tips and advise on how to protect yourself online please visit.

We believe it is everyone’s responsibility to:

  • Respect each other’s right to feel safe
  • Treat others fairly and with respect
  • Not to threaten, hurt or abuse others including on-line abuse
  • You can view a copy of our safeguarding policy here.

It is important you feel safe, if you are worried or concerned about yourself or someone you know, please talk to us immediately on: 0137 588 6155

Designated safeguarding lead: Millicent Davies